Paying for Long Term Care

The rising cost of long term care is a worry for the elderly and their immediate family. The bill for a two year stay at an average care home is at least £50,000-00.

A recent survey by the insurer Aviva suggests that half of those who responded had no plans in place to meet the costs of long term care. Earlier this summer the commission on funding of care and support in England recommended that the bill elderly people have to pay for care should be capped at £35,000-00.

Under the current system charges are unlimited, but the government is still considering the issue of capping.

So what can you do now to plan for the future?

Who will pay for your care? The Council, NHS or you yourself?

Will it count against you if you have savings or property?

What are the options if your care costs more than the local authority is happy to fund?

Are you confused by the charging rules?

Who regulates care provision and what can be done if you are unhappy with the care that you receive?